The Second Coming
A Second Look!
Paperback $15

If you want the truth about the second coming of Jesus Christ get this book!
In this book Pastor Lankford does a thorough examination of the fallacy concerning the pre-tribulation
doctrine and how we have been taught incorrectly. Pastor Lankford addresses the resurrection. 



Revelation 13 Revealed

Paperback Book $15 


Revelation and dissects its entirety.

Pastor Lankford reveals things concerning the Antichrist, his deadly wound being a mortal cerebral wet or dry stroke his 42 month reign and how that computers will play a significant role concerning the mark of the beast.






The Great Tribulation or The Wrath of God

Cd and Study Booklet $17
Dvd and Study Booklet $20

In this Biblical Study Pastor Lankford clarifies how the great tribulation is the wrath of Satan, which is one parenthetical event and the wrath of God is yet another parenthetical event in which the Saints of God are not Appointed.
New Books:

The New Jerusalem Bride
Paperback Book $15 


The New Jerusalem Bride and the mystery of the church
For in the resurrection they never marry, nor are giving in marriage,but are as of the angels of God in heaven!!!



The Israel's Significance to Christianity

Cd and Study Booklet $17
Dvd and Study Booklet $20

Two hour Series


Countdown to The Age of Deception Conference